Hi, I’m Amy Grant, a Sydney based writer, reader, and marketer and the voice behind penned by aeg – its nice to see you here.

Outside of this blog, I work full time in a marketing role for a large publishing company. In my downtime, I’m usually to be found lost in a good book, catching up on the news, spending the day cooking or eating beautiful food, or keeping fit with a HIIT workout or leisurely walk around my neighbourhood.

I live in jeans and flats, am constantly testing new beauty and skincare products, and I always carry a book in my handbag. Ask what I’m reading anytime.

The essence of penned by aeg is about living a thoughtful and creative life. This means enjoying the simple things, being engaged in what’s going on in the world and with each other, and having intelligent, informed opinions across the board – from books and current affairs to style and beauty, wellness and beyond. I’ll share my stories and experiences here, and hope that you always feel welcome to share yours.

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