long weekend reading, 05.10.15

long weekend reading // girl for granted

Happy long weekend! This long weekend I’ve been out at the family home, soaking up some much needed family time, getting lots (and lots) of sleep, reading, having an evening beer and playing with the puppy. Bliss. It’s back to Sydney tonight for a short but jam packed work week, then a girl’s night on Saturday. Obviously, I’m already planning what I’ll wear. Though I hope you’re outside making the most of the sunshine and not having to go to work on a Monday, it seems like too good an opportunity to pass up sharing some fun reading.

Summer is almost here, so get stuck in with a cold beverage in hand.

1// Favourite tune right now? Chvrches, Leave a Trace. On. Repeat. All. Day.

2// Some new purchases for summer – olive green sandals (neutral but not boring), a denim mini, and a basic knit tank.

3// Have you read F*ck Yes, or No? If not, hop to it. Ostensibly this philosophy is for your dating life, but it really applies to anything and I find myself using it when making all kinds of decisions.

4// Two people who may or may not be good mates of mine have started a new blog, Half Decent Banter, where they tell us their thoughts about issues with a slight gender bent, from both his side and hers. Hilarious and so simple. Love it.

5// I loved Molly’s take on modern dating. I’m kind of in the same boat – not willing to be on dating apps, on the receiving end of people telling me to go on The Bachelor, sick of people telling me it will all happen when I least expect it. My philosophy and Molly’s are similar – just live your life and take it as it comes, because you just don’t know.

6// Annie’s take on why she needed a break from blogging, how it’s changed her life, and the good and the bad of chronicling your life online and on social media really resonated with me. I’ve been quieter on the blog front lately in favour of spending time offline and living properly. When you stare at a computer screen all day at work, sometimes the last thing you want to do when you get home after a ten or eleven hour day is spend another couple of hours thinking intently, typing, and staring at a screen. It’s usually worth it, but god it’s hard work.

7// I love me an acai bowl, so I was pretty stoked to come across this recipe that Anne shared.

8// Got a spring engagement party, wedding or the races coming up? I bought this skirt a couple of weeks ago, and it has quickly become one of my favourites. Team it with navy, white or blue.

9// A hangover tip for summer.

10// And last but not least, popular on gfg lately: Girl Talk with Jess Zimlich, Hand Lettered Love, and Moving & Share House Tips.

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    Annie Reeves

    I looooved Molly’s take on dating – consider me in the same boat! Bookmarking that acai bowl since I finally got a blender…hallelu! Thanks so much for sharing my post 🙂 xoxo

      Amy Grant

      Glad to know I’m not alone on the dating front! xx


    Acai bowls are basically how I justify ice cream for breakfast/lunch.

      Amy Grant

      They’re just so good. I have to limit myself to one a week or I’d eat them everyday! x