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You guys, I’ve mentioned it a bit recently, but I’ve moved – again. Let me tell you the story. Settle in, because it could be a long post.

When I moved back to Sydney at the start of the year, I moved in with a couple of friends who needed someone to urgently fill a room. It was a great arrangement, and the timing couldn’t have been better. Over the next few months though, a couple of things started to grind my gears – my room was tiny. ‘Fun sized’ is probably the most endearing description. A friend (hey Lyss!) came to stay a couple of months ago and laughed out loud when she saw the size of my bedroom, thinking that I’d been joking about how small it was. But, I was not.

The second thing that was getting to me was the noise. The house was on a main road leading into the CBD, and the noise was unrelenting. There was no opportunity to get away from it. It was in an area of Sydney that’s not known as the safest – there’s been a lot of conflict and some violence in the area. It’s subsiding now, but the remnants remain. It wasn’t uncommon to be kept awake late into the night by the sound of arguments and fighting. The area didn’t feel particularly safe to me, especially as I’d be walking alone at night a lot, to and from the station, the grocery store, and the gym. (I do have to caveat this by saying that I grew up in a very safe neighbourhood where our closest neighbours were 250m away, there were no streetlights and zero traffic, so its possible I was in a bit of culture shock).

The time to move came along, and the arrangements just fell into place. A good friend and former housemate of mine decided to move in with her bf, so her room needed filling. The house is beautiful, and in my favourite area of Sydney, so I decided almost sight unseen to take it. I moved in last week. I’m loving it so far, and I kind of feel like a different person.

Having lived in a lot of share houses over the last six or so years (that’s a lot of different housemates), there’s a few things I’ve come to learn and appreciate.

1// Your housemates are everything.

From houses that felt like they would blow over with a gust of wind, to tiny apartments where there’s no escaping anything, to homes in freezing cold places with no heating – your housemates are everything. So long as you’re good there, you’ll be fine in general.

2// Be honest with each other.

On that note, one of the most important things I’ve learned from sharing homes is to be really honest with the people you live with. Going through a rough time? Make sure your flatmates know. Got zero cash this week? Tell your housemates. Being honest is a major part of being respectful. The very best housemates I’ve had are the ones I’ve been totally honest with. I can’t stress this enough.

3// Your home impacts you more than you realise.

The location of my last house was affecting almost every aspect of my life, and not in a good way. Not only did I feel unsafe at times, but the noise and constant feeling of being on edge was affecting my sleep, which was in turn affecting my ability/want to exercise, my mood, my performance at work, my motivation and ability to blog, my general aura and my relationships. Not good.

Since moving to a much quieter but no less convenient location, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my quality of sleep and ability to relax. It’s only been a short while, but I’m calmer, I have more energy, I’m more motivated and not nearly as easily upset, irritated or frustrated. My attitude to so many things has improved and I really do think that a lot of this comes down to my new home.

So, here’s to moving, to new friends, and to finding a sense of home. x

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    Too right! I also think your state of mind impacts on your feelings at home too. I moved into an amazing place back in April and suddenly hated it because it was new/different and I wasn’t settled. It took a few months but now I absolutely love it and can appreciate how incredible it is. Just another way of thinking about it 😘 Loving your blog though Miss! Well done x