Anna Kendrick for Kate Spade

Have you seen Anna Kendrick for Kate Spade videos?! I love love love Kate Spade (my specs are Kate Spade!), and I have a total girl crush on Anna Kendrick – she’s my spirit animal, and I firmly maintain that we could definitely be friends if only given the chance. Her ongoing collaboration with Kate Spade, #missadventure, has only solidified my love for the teeny tiny actress.

In the newest instalment, Anna is forced to pretend to be a world famous meditation guru, whilst clad in an amazing flamingo print bustier bikini top. But of course. How else would one meditate in LA? I was going to save this video for a link round up on the weekend, but I loved it too much to wait. Girl is funny. Did you know she’s writing a book? I’ll be the first in that line.

So this is short and sweet today folks, but take a couple of minutes to have a Thursday giggle.

keep up! 

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