Rachel Zoe Fall 2015

Picking my favourites from New York Fashion Week was truly difficult, and yet another first world challenge. There were so many beautiful collections shown that I wasn’t sure whether to contain my favourites in one long post, or to pick a few and highlight them. I’ve decided to go with the latter, starting with my pick of the bunch, Rachel Zoe Fall 2015 collection.

Who would have guessed that this celebrity stylist/reality TV star would also have mad design skillz? I suppose a lot of folks would, considering her line of work, but I’m consistently pleasantly surprised at how wearable her collections are, given that her personal style is so boho luxe and mine is so not. Fall 2015 is no exception in terms of wearability. The collection was mod at it’s finest, representing a departure from Zoe’s usual bohemian aesthetic. Think monochrome; A-line shift dresses; short hemlines; fitted layers; and one incredible black wool dress with faux-far trim. (If you’re wondering, I would like one, please). The pieces aren’t as out and out classic red-carpet glam as say, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta or Carolina Herrera showed, but I would have any these items in my wardrobe in a heart beat – and I’d actually wear them.

I think there’s a clear return to the clean lines and understated luxury of the modern prepster inherent in this collection; a trend which has emerged out of a few collections from this latest NYFW instalment – especially Tommy Hilfiger, whose runway was a football stadium. It’s easily adaptable and works in everyday life. Classic with a twist is my favoured style of dressing anyway. So really, I call that a win. (I actually had a typo here, in which case it would be a wine, but a wine is also a win in my book, so apples).

I loved the hair and make up look at RZ too – models sported a long, straight but voluminous blow-dry with a side part and clean make up with a subtle cat-eye. Just really fresh, ya know? Also, the lob might be everywhere – looking at you, Kimmy K – but long hair reigned the runway this season. Just something to think about.

Here’s my picks from Rachel Zoe Fall 2015:

rachel zoe nyfw fall 2015 // girl for granted

(Behold, the black mini dress with the faux fur trim I want so desperately):

rachel zoe fall 2015 // girl for granted

rachel zoe fall 2015 nyfw // girl for granted

rachel zoe fall 2015 nyfw // girl for granted

rachel zoe fall 2015 nyfw // girl for granted

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    Love Rachel’s monochromatic palette!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’