Saturday Sessions: 19.07.14

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Lots of links this weekend, pals. This was a week of a lot of downtime, but also a few errands – nothing better than claiming your tax back. Hello, new pretty things. With all my downtime, I’ve spent a lot of time online, both reading and shopping. Read on for my favourites of the week…

1. How to Get Away with Murder is probably going to be my new favourite show.

2. A great basic with a peplum twist. Even better? The price point!

3. All of these interviews – bite size chunks of wisdom from women with incredibly diverse, but incredibly successful careers and lives in general. I’ve watched so many, and both laughed and teared up. Often in the same interview series. From Zoe Foster-Blake (a perennial fave), to Georgie Gardner, to Kate Holden – who if you haven’t heard of, get clicking! Pick one and go.

4. Elle’s Most Influential Women in Tech – solid advice and careers to aspire to. Tech is obviously the way of the future, and these women have it in the bag.

5. A voyeuristic peek into the beauty habits of real people. That is, real beautiful people.

6. Leopard print espadrilles? Put them away for summer. I’ll also take them in blush.

7. While you’re there, put this on the must have list as well.

8. Leighton Meester, aka Blair Waldorf, aka one of my favourite television characters ever, wrote a smart and emotive feminist dissection of the character she is currently playing in Of Mice and Men. Blair would be proud.

9. Blatant self-promotion here, but throw Girl for Granted a thumbs up on our newly minted Facebook page!

10. I read (devoured) Wild last summer – it is a moving but very easy read. It is essentially a modern take on the classic venture into the wild to find yourself; the memoir of the appropriately named Cheryl Strayed. I highly recommend getting onto it before the film comes out, at least so you can claim you’ve read it before buying your tickets. The trailer is already here and awards buzz is already building.

 Enjoy your weekend pals – or what’s left of it. Let me know what you’re up to in the comments. x

Image via Not Your Standard

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