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This week, I’ve been packing out of my Sydney apartment with the help of my family. In between packing, we’ve managed to have some fun as well – visiting old friends, going to the beach, eating out, going to the cricket, shopping and generally enjoying each other’s company. My patience has certainly been tested at times, but overall my 2014 mantra is going well (4 days in!).

I may have ahem, broken the internet in my apartment this week (later I realised that I’d just bumped the wireless switch to off – oops!). I’ve still read some great stuff this week though – click through the links to check it out.

1. Even though most of my 2014 mantras are about patience and acknowledging that good things take time, I’ve found a few other 2014 mantras that I’ll keep in mind throughout the year.

2. I am secret TV addict. I love nothing more than crawling into bed after a long day at work with the latest episode of whichever show I’m obsessed with at that moment. Luckily for me, the Huffington Post has put together a list of when all my favourite shows return in the States!

3. At the start of every year, international advertising powerhouse JWT releases a list of the 100 things that we’ll talk most about, or most eagerly anticipate over the course of the coming year. Check out the 2014 list to keep on top of the year’s trends!

4. I was going to stop this post at 3 (I like doing lists in odd numbers), but then I found this interview between Tavi and Lorde. It’s super long, but so so good. Definitely worth reading – young women doing amazing things in their chosen fields.

Anything you’ve found lately that I should check out?

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    Sechys Diary

    oh yeah, That interview Tavi did is such a good read! happy new year xoxo