Saturday Sessions 281213

saturday sessions

Since I finished work last Friday, you would think I’ve had a lot more time to stumble across amazing articles, videos and images this week. In truth? Not so. I’ve been packing to move, getting ready for Christmas and spent a day driving home. Still, I did manage to take a couple of minutes here and there to read some great pieces this week:

1. Ashton Kutcher talks failure and gives us all a reality check.

2. Levo League speaks to Selby McRae, Marketing Coordinator at Random House in New York – #dreamjob! But in all seriousness, as someone with a deep love of books and a background in advertising and marketing – how do I get that job?!

3. A short piece from a few months ago about the development of Pinterest. I’m completely addicted to collecting my favourite images from around the web, so this was a really interesting read for me. Check out my Pinterest boards!

Find anything interesting this week that I should know about?

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